Tipping is discretionary.  This is a guide for people who are planning to tip and want to know the customary amount.

  • Pet groomers – Most pet groomers are paid based upon a commission, not a regular salary or hourly wage.  Typically your tip is 15% of the bill or $2 per dog, whichever is greater.  If your dog is difficult, then tip more.  Obviously, don’t tip if the quality is poor.
  • Pet sitters – Tipping is not required, but most pet sitters will appreciate a tip.   15% is appropriate if you want to tip.

Tipping the Owner

Do you tip the owner of a company when he or she provides your service?  The answer is yes.

Christmas Holiday Tipping Etiquette

Christmas is a great time of year to remember those people who serve you regularly.  Since it only occurs once a year, holiday tipping can be a gift or a tasteful Christmas card with a tip inside.  Delivery should occur in the month of December prior to Christmas day.  Tip those who serve you all year long and with whom you have a personal relationship.

  • Pet groomer – 1/4 to 1/2 cost of a session.
  • Pet walker or sitter – 1 to 2 week’s pay.

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