What You Need To Know

~ Dogs must be current on all vaccinations required by pets Veterinary or State, City, County, and/or Municipal authorities any time pet is on Groomers premises, and must be verifiable with Veterinary of record.

~ All pets must be able to stand up and be willingly handled for grooming.  In addition, pets >35 lbs. MUST be willing and able to climb into tub and onto table.

~ Dogs >75 lbs. are accepted on a case by case basis due to size restrictions; please contact Groomer directly for appointment availability and pricing.

~ While on Groomers premises, all pets must be leashed and/or under reliable voice command, use the designated potty area, and be kept out of flower beds by Owner.

~ Nail trims are included in grooming service at no extra charge as a complimentary service.  Final nail length is dependent on condition of nails and cooperation of pet.

~ Mini-Grooms include trim of sanitary area, bottom of foot pads, and visor (a mini-groom is not a full body haircut).

~ Pricing and services may vary at Groomers discretion dependent upon pets condition of coat, tolerance for grooming, and time required.

~ If dogs weight class is questionable, dogs weight will be verified by Groomer and price adjusted accordingly.

~ For obvious health and safety reasons, Wash & Wag Grooming will not provide services to nippers/fighters/biters, dog aggressive, severely matted/pelted, flea/tick infested pets, or dogs “in season”.



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