All pets get mats every now and then.  Even short haired breeds get them on occasion believe it or not.  There are the “pretty puppy” mats that happen behind the ears from too much loving on them (okay, there’s really never too much loving you can give back to them!), then there’s the occasional “rump rock” or “tail/toe tangle” during high shedding times. 

Mats happen and Groomers understand; that is until a dog is brought in whose owner absolutely refuses to properly comb/brush it.  Think about this, if we went for weeks without brushing our hair imagine what shape it would be in (unless you have a very tight crew cut).  Not caring for a pets coat is in fact a form of neglect and one that could be easily remedied with just a few minutes of care a week with the proper grooming tools; you can even watch TV while doing it.  Coat matting causes all kinds of skin issues, is very painful, dirty, smelly, can lead to maggots on underlying sores (very gross), and, it costs more at the Groomers!  At Wash & Wag Grooming we are more than happy to show our clients the proper tools and techniques required to care for their specific breed coat. 

Just because a pet has Poodle or Bichon type hair doesn’t mean it’s not prone to matting, in fact those can be the worst kind known as “pill” matts.  These types of tangles are usually all over the entire body and look like little curls blending in with the rest of the coat.  Remember, every type of pet coat requires some sort of maintenance to remain healthy and beautiful.

So, next time you wonder if your pup is matted, do a simple test..  run a comb (not a brush) through the coat down to the skin from face, to feet, to tail.  If you can’t easily comb through at least 90% of your pets coat it is considered “excessively matted”, and in some cases a “severely matted” coat may require a trip to the Vet for sedation with a shave down to the skin (expensive!).   And, no mat should ever, EVER be tight down to the skin. 

A good comb out is a wonderful time for bonding and an opportunity to spare your pet the pain and suffering that comes along with matting.  But, if you just don’t have time to do it yourself (or don’t want to), then in all fairness to your pet it needs to be put on a regular 4 week bath and brush schedule with a full groom as needed and appropriate coat length to suit your busy lifestyle.  Put yourself in their fur!

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